frYars don’t do Gregorian Chant

At 19, Ben Garrett is creating massive music envy amongst bloggers. The Londoner is making seriously hot music as frYars. His silky voice and Morrissean melodies fit snuggly with catchy and thoughtful electro pop. Although not convinced with the quality of their youtube outing, frYars is pally with Esser, and their sound is quite comparable.

frYars has two EPs; The Ides was received well and lead to a tour with Goldfrapp. His latest, thePerfidy should continue to propel frYars to greater recognition still.

I ran into the frYars at The Blue Walrus. The Ides features in their excellent Snazzy No. 10 mix. I’m still looping this fantastic track. Check out the video with the weird lamps:

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