Love, Money and Murder make us Happy

Pretty HappyThe internet has smashed our attention spans to pieces. We spend less time focusing on one band and instead skim from one MySpace page to the next.

I picked up that habit, but still make sure to buy as many albums as Mr Mastercard can afford. They’re the only way for me to get under a band’s skin.

If you have something to say in popular music, you should do so with an album. Once you achieve that, then you’re sorted. And yes, I listened to OK Computer a lot!

Thats why I’m excited by the prospect of an upcoming concept album set during the Californian Gold Rush featuring money, love and murder by We Happy Few. I caught these guys a few months ago at the Half Moon Unplugged in Putney. Their old school Americana vibe has stuck with me ever since.

Its refreshing to find a band take on something so challenging. Especially when its so easy to screw a concept album up. Judging from the opening track, I hope we won’t be disappointed. In fact, We Happy Few were kind enough to give you a sneaky listen:

California 49 (mp3)

We Happy Few are playing at The Gallery near Turnham Green Tube this Thursday (29 May). I’ll be there, and you should come too. The new album is due for release in the next few months.

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  • Christian

    Also caught them at the Half Moon and will be seeing them tonight (28th May) at The Troubadour, Earls Court and they’ll be playing a full set, so am expecting big things. Good to see the concept album making a comeback.

  • rylan

    Just to report that when I went to see these guys, they were excellent.