Unicorns give birth to Islands

Islands in Space

A record store is reaching for my wallet again. The new album, Arm’s Way by the Islands is out on 19 May. I’m going to have to buy it, along with their first album Return to the Sea. I wish I came across this band from Montreal sooner.

Islands are descendants of The Unicorns. I found some tracks from their ancestor’s 2003 album Who will Cut our Hair when we’re Gone at Covert Curiosity, its interesting to hear their pedigree.

I have to admit I initially wanted to hear Islands based on their photo. Stumbling on multi-ethnic bands is rare, but thankfully becoming more common; Bloc Party, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, and Mala (hehe) come to mind. Its only a good thing. Naturally I don’t base my music on race, but I love musicians breaking racial stereotypes. Sadly I think there are still race problems in music.

You can hear in their music a range of international influences. They’re also chums with Arcade Fire and the raptastic Canadian Cadence Weapon. Islands’ songs are catchy and clever, what more could you want?

Here are two tracks from Arm’s Way. They’re dope.

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  • Kaziu

    What a find mate!

    This is fast becoming influential!

  • http://www.musgarage.com/ MusGar

    Interesting music, thanks.