Proof Echinacea Works!

My name is Rylan and I’ve been a homeopath for the past 24 years. Great. But how many songs are there about homeopathy? As far as I can tell, only one. It’s by Bell.

Olga Bell, born in Russia, raised in Alaska and now living in Brooklyn, has vocal and musical qualities that instantly remind you of Björk. Theres even an interesting cover of Its Oh So Queit on Bell‘s MySpace.

At first I reacted against what I thought was a blatant rip off of the Ice Queen, but I kept coming back for more. Throwing IDM into the mix did it for me.

So, homeopathy? Bell‘s Echinacea is the IDM infused Björkathon, with a great trippy beat, and clapping. Its a bit of a shame Bell didn’t make more use of the cheering at the opening of the track, otherwise its quite the tune:

Bell – Echinacea (mp3)

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  • EF Matt

    you know… in addition to being supercalifragilawesome at writing pop songs, Olga’s a classically trained pianist too. just mentioning it with that slant of your site and all.

  • rylan

    Good work dude. Tis always a bonus for me to find out about that sort of stuff.

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