Get Esser’s Foot Out of His Mouth and Throw it at Alphabeat.

I was too abrupt. The boy wonder, Esser, deserves part two.

Esser fuses tuneful trippy electro experimental pop with raw lyrics that rub the underside of your skin. Call it what you like, but lets hope Esser continues to write the best pop in ages.

Alphabeat, just stop now! In fact, I wish you never started. Esser is going to eat your heart out.

Formerly the drummer in the defunct Ladyfuzz, Esser has re-signed to Transgressive Records. Tickets are available to see him on the Transgressive Summer Tour, I’m looking foward to his Cross Kings gig in London. Especially after hearing session tracks from his appearance on BBC Radio 6 over at the The Daily Growl. His upcoming second single, the fantastic Headlock, can be heard at Esser HQ.

Those skin crawling lyrics I mentioned? Well taste this, “I have a habit of getting my foot stuck in my mouth, you are the only person I know who can help me get it out” . Reads about as well as anthrax, but maybe its the cheeky cockney accent that makes it sound like Wordsworth. I love it, but you can make up your own mind…

Esser – Lets Work It Out (mp3)

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  • anja

    i think your not right about alphabeat because they are really good live!! and esser is SO NOT good live! in fact I wish he’d never started at all!