Revere at the SpitzAugust 2007 was a long time ago, but I still have vivid memories watching Revere at the now defunct Spitz. Severely impressed, I departed expecting Revere to make it big in 2008.

But, despite being lauded by the Guardian as ‘one of the best bands you’ve never heard of’, they’re still largely unknown. Despite featuring on the Hotly Tipped for 2008 iTunes compilation, they’re still largely unknown. Despite being finalists in Q’s Glastonbury New Talent competition (they didn’t win it, which is probably a good thing), they’re still largely unknown.

You get the picture, but I’m going to paint a new one. The arty and epic Revere deserve to be known and, dare I say it, revered.

Fronted by Liverpudlian Stephen Ellis, the 9 piece from north London boast instrumental forces including violin, cello, harp and trumpet. They sight influences such as Bjork and Buckley, but I’d say if you cross-bred Muse and Sufjan Stevens, Revere would come out the mongrel. Its best though not to expect anything from Revere, they are quite unpredictable.

I’m looking forward to Revere‘s debut album, which is currently in the works and will be released on their own imprint, Albino Records.

This title track from their 2006 EP Learning to Breath is simply sublime:

Revere – Learning to Breathe

Be sure to buy more Revere tracks from 7 Digital.

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