Son De La Frontera

Son de La FronteraThey won the European category at the 2008 BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards, and you can hear why. Son de la Frontera are a flamenco band like which you have probably never heard.

Their flamenco looks back to the legendary Diego del Gastor, however Son de la Frontera win awards because their influences aren’t confined to Spain alone. You can hear inflections from Morocco, Afghanistan and India. The reason for their worldly soundscape is to trace back to the ancient roots of flamenco. Occasional hints of raga and ghazal surprise, but blend in so snugly to create a magical universal touch.

Their second album, Cal, has completely blown me away. The opening features palmas or flamenco clapping, which in many ways reminds me of the complex rhythms of Asian music. Virtuoso clapping, who would have thought:

Son de la Frontera – Un Compromiso Toda Una Vida (mp3)Cal by Son de la Frontera

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