Learn your Vwls BLK JKS

blk jks“Reminds me of gap year students smacking bongos trying to save the planet” was my friend’s reaction to world music. Sadly, a view echoed by many.

But the world is big and music doesn’t only come from the US and the 51st State. Not even rock. BLK JKS are from Johannesburg. They rock. South African Style.

Urban music is the mainstay in East Rand, but the brave BLK JKS broke the mould. Their dubby art rock splinters stereotypes. Their charm? You know you’re listening to South African rock.

They’re universally loved at home, and gaining momentum universally. Recently featured in Observer Music Monthly, and at Along the Waterfall the band are surprisingly still unsigned. Not for long I’m sure.

I’ve been struggling to find good music recently. But Lakeside has been stuck in my head and I can’t seem to move it. If this is the start of BLK JKS then I can’t wait for more.

BLK JKS – Lakeside (mp3)

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  • http://none whitney hill

    HI, I completely agree with everything that you just said. When i think of world music I think of some of that funky stuff people play in earthbound. This is different though. BLK JKS is so soothing, raw, hypnotizing that you get drawn to the words and that gloriously repetitious howling hum in the background. When I listen to them a very clear image comes to mind of there few, simple, wonderfully placed lyrics. Not to sound cheesy, but my entire self feels like its shaken to the core each time the singer starts a new verse.
    They need to come to the US and most importantly Chicago.