Don’t Piss on My Toothbrush Esser

Part III? Deserved? Yes. I just saw Esser live for the first time. Fantastic. It was a Transgressive Records event, and no one was a patch on Ben Esser with his band (although Liam Finn came close).

Also found out the new video for the super tune and new single Headlock was on YouTube, so here it is:

If any of you ladies ever sleep with this dude, keep your dental gear safe. Favourite lyric so far this year: “Pissing on your toothbrush helps to relieve the pain”. Pure filth. Listen out for it in the this punk pop megathon:

Esser – Long Arms

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  • Ben Klein


    Found your blog – did take me a while though! Looks well sweet – could give me a hand with my one as it is well shabby. Thanks for a good night last night. It was ace.

    Milky bars are on me on Tuesday!


  • Joe

    Hey, couldn’t agree with you more, I caught Esser live at Reading Festival this year and he was incredible. His lyrics are twisted but he always looks like he’s having fun, thanks for giving me some more tracks to adore.