The Crown Jewels of Australia

Smoking is Not Cool Unless in Black and White.Isn’t it awful asking to hear someone’s music, only to feel like you’re bleaching your ears? To my great relief James Marple’s music was more like a gentle clean.

Under the pseudonym James and The Jewellery Store, Marples weaves burlesque lined tracks with lyrics encompassing “the courtly-love of the Romantic poets to the dust bowls of 20th Century American Social Realism.”

I met the self exiled Ozzy before I went on holiday, and swung to his tunes whilst sun bathing in a typhoon. There are more songs available for free at his MySpace and you can expect a music video form James and The Jewellery Store at holeytonal soon. For now though, enjoy these gems:

James and the Jewellery Store – Lights go Dim

James and the Jewellery Store – Swing for This

Watch James and The Jewellery Store with me this Wednesday, August 20 @ Strongrooms, 120-124 Curtain Rd, Shoreditch.

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