Chewing 8-bit Lips

chew lips on a couch“Why don’t you post about female artists?” my friend asks. Well I have actually, when I rung about the glorious Bell. Gender, two genders or no gender – I don’t care so long as their music rings true.

So, the fact that holeytonal features more male artists, or bands with male leads, is not the reason for posting about CHEW LiPS. I’m posting about CHEW LiPS because I look like a tit when I groove to their tunes on the tube.

Only 8 gigs old, CHEW LiPS‘s 8-bit drone disco and indie fusion has already been featured by Steve Lamacq on Radio 1. Its especially refreshing after Pendulums’ shit but commercially successful dance-rock crossover – I’d even prefer Alphabeat.

Try your hardest not to tap your feet to this excellent tune courtesy of CHEW LiPS – only available to download at holeyontal:

Chew Lips – CLVRI (mp3)

Tour dates include 93 Feet East on Friday 12 September. But I can’t be bothered to go to the far east this week, so I’ll wait until Saturday 27 September and see them at the St. Moritz Club in the West End.

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  • keef

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