Oasis Defeated by Serbian Sousaphone

Boban Markovic

Serbia’s music has had a strange journey to holeytonal – beginning in Lebanon, via Brooklyn and Hammersmith.

Well it didn’t strictly start in Lebanon, but I fell in love with Gulag Orkester, Beirut‘s debut album. I was completely lost in Balkan brass and indie fusion for a year.

Excitedly I introduced Beirut to my Serbian friend in Hammersmith, only for her to say in a mock Balkan accent “its good, but to hear the heart of Serbia, listen to Boban Markovic

Boban Markovic and his Balkan Brass Band’s music is Serbian to its core. Markovic’s virtuoso trumpet playing and his brilliant ensemble has earned him many awards in his home country, and has managed to garner a world wide following. Besides, any band with a sousaphone deserves to win something.

Oasis even had to postpone a set at a Hungarian festival for 30 minutes, as everyone was watching Boban Markovic. He pissed off the Gallaghers – total legend.

Boban Markovic – Atlantis (mp3)

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  • http://flophaus.blogspot.com fishdog

    great band and great story. it’s always nice when someone takes the piss outta oasis.