He’ll Walk Alone – He’s Not From Liverpool

a man in a boxThere’s not much music I don’t like, but grime? Hmm, still not convinced. One of the only commercially successful alternatives in British hip hop has been Mike Skinner (aka The Streets) but he’s not the only Brit producing hip hop that ain’t grime.

Birmingham, Skinner’s home town, seems to be a hot bed of talented British hip hop artists.

One prime example is FYBA. I’ve been listening to his tunes for a while now. His old school loops have mesmerised me like Barack Obama.

FYBA was formerly in a group with Mike Skinner in the 90s, but now works on his own. But he still seems to be in good company – exploring his top friends on MySpace reveals some brilliant talent, including Vanitee.

Now, enjoy these two MP3s handed down from FYBA to holeytonal. Ooh, and you won’t find Ooh Baby anywhere else, nowhere else.

FYBA – I Walk Alone (mp3)

FYBA – Ooh Baby (mp3) which features DJ Subterfuge

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  • http://healthryder.blogspot.com Subservient Experiment

    While not as overtly good, I think I still prefer this to The Streets.