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Interesting music articles, posts and sites in one place, for you to devour:

makeuseof.com – How to Broaden Your Musical Horizons Online: Geeky blog which helps everyone. Excellent post to help you find new music

Musicovery – Mentioned in the makeuseof.com post – a very cool tool to find new music – very intuitive and easy use – great fun!

Obscure Sound – Best of September 2008: Another great collection of MP3s from a great music blog.

Classical Music Homepage – If they get this right it could be great – but it really does need some work, and a shorter URL – especially if they want a subscription fee…

Muso – Rap Fan Prefers Court Fine to Classical Music: Another reason why you should never play music loud in the car.

LP33.tv – Launched this week, and founded by members of Genesis… a site that fuses music and video. Good for some musicovery… They plan to take on MTV.

Guardian – Music Weekly: Now if you haven’t already subscribed to this podcast then you really are making a mistake – I love it. Am addicted. I even find it better than radio.

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