Adventurers Eat Vintage Skunks

New Adventures Old Pub

Is anyone else becoming addicted to Born Survivor with Bear Grylls? He eats caterpillars and cuts the heads off skunks. Double hard.

I’ll never be that adventurous, but I’m always up for New Adventures. Especially ones destined to fill arenas around the world.

The four men of New Adventures began playing together at university, but a piece of the jigsaw was missing until vintage jeans brought Helen into the fold. Jez and Steve were selling vintage clothing – Helen bought some, and the rest is history.

The main obstacle New Adventures face is being lumped with Coldplay and Keane – but once you get over that you can enjoy some delicious stadium rock.

New Adventures will be releasing a second EP, Accidents, later this year featuring the stunning and drumless Never Get Caught, which can be heard on their MySpace. But I have fallen in love with this post’s MP3, try not to sing along:

New Adventures – Godspeed & Goodnight (mp3)

New Adventures are playing at Barfly in Camden, Thursday 23 October.

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