Rod + Thomas = Y

Apparently I’m of “Generation Y”. This means I’m a geeky yuppie born after 1979. Yeah – can’t complain with that.

It also means I lived through the 80s, but being brought up in Hong Kong I missed out on all the psychedelic British kids TV. Rod Thomas clearly got a fair dose as his video for Same Old Lines shows:

This folkster from Wales played at a few summer festivals, including Glastonbury and Latitude. His music is accessible yet distinctive – I guess what being “Generation Y” is all about – standing out from a crowd of many talented people.

My parents fed me a diet of Tears for Fears, David Bowie and Roxy Music with their cheesy synthetic beats as a side, and you can hear them garnish Rod Thomas‘ songs – although James Taylor is definitely a main ingredient. 

Interpretations of music are often revealing, and James Yuill picked out the 80’s from the Rod Thomas sound palette when he remixed Same Old Lines.  Oh, and here’s the mp3:

Rod Thomas – Same Old Lines – James Yuill Remix (mp3)

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