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Interesting music articles, posts and sites in one place, for you to devour:

Song By Toad – Email to Columbia (& Sony BMG) – Music bloggers who have worked hard to promote a band have had their posts taken down by the labels who got them to post them in the first place. Not a way to treat people who do free work for you.

what’s your weather – is it raining again? well let this site choose some music to match your weather.

Allan’s World of Music – Kites in Space – Kites in Space Review – a post about a very good, but also very mysterious band 

Instrument Jokes – Yes, this is on the edge of bad, but there are loads of jokes, mainly about classical music. The highlight for me:

How do you tune a Tuba? With a tuba glue!

passionato – DRM free classical music download shop. Say good-bye to your wallet classical music fans.

pretty much amazing – Dress Up like Kanye West – fulfill the dream and dress follow this step by step guide to be the king of hip hop.

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