Broadcasting a Great Escape to Germany

Yes, we were very sad.

Basel, Switzerland – a town of culture, the pharmaceutical industry and permanent frowns. No one smiles in the birthplace of LSD. Basel was pretty, but my holiday was like a trip to a mental asylum. Clinical, regulated and dull. We needed to escape. To Germany.

Freiberg, a beautiful town with great food and smiles, was worth the hour long train journey. Especially as we managed to squeeze in a Broadcast 2000 gig.

Joe Steer, the brains of Broadcast 2000, has been justifiably triumphed by my friends recently. His experimental acoustic jinks, backed by a rare mix of snare drum, violin and glockenspiel, are delightful.

The music of Broadcast 20000 feels more authentic than the similarly styled Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Perhaps the lack of electronic mumbo jumbo makes a more heart-warming and personal experience. Songwriters that don’t bombard me with all the crazy shit they find on their music software are in my good books – experimentalism can be all about moderation.

Broadcast 2000‘s exposure has been, well, quite big. Get Up and Go is on an Orange advert and on Building Blocks, their tasty mini-album. To whet your appetite Joe has kindly offered my favourite song from the album to holeytonal for you to devour:

Broadcast 2000 – Everybody & Me

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    I completely agree with you on the “Songwriters that don’t bombard me with all the crazy shit they find on their music software are in my good books” part of the music aesthetic. It appeals in a much more real and tangible way the way Broadcast 2000 presents it.

  • Allan

    Oooh the only mp3 I don’t have.

    He sent us a promo last december, when he had only around 2000 myspace hits.

    It’s been a good year for Broadcast 2000.

  • Brian

    Great track. Thanks for posting! And I too agree on the experimental in moderation :)