holeytonal top 10 albums 2008

I hated choosing this list. Feel sorry for the albums that missed out. They’ll just have to do better next time:

10. Foals – Antidotes

Expect the Unexpected with Foals. This is what New Rave wanted to be.

Foals on MySpace

9. TV on the Radio – Dear Science

Some dared proclaim Dear Science as the OK Computer for the naughties. Not convinced, but it does confront the Bush years with stunning tracks and great lyrics. Unlike Radiohead’s best, its poignant, but not suicidal. 

TV On the Radio on MySpace

8. Camphor – Drawn To Dust

Epic. In fact, even more epic than I thought it would be. Oh, and this album would certainly win best use of an orchestra.

Camphor on MySpace

7. Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend

Took a few listens, but I eventually fell in love with this africana inspired album from the columbia university chums.

Vampire Weekend on MySpace

6. Third – Portishead

How many of us were scared that this was going to be horrible? Thankfully a massive sigh of relief was heard around the world that the Bristolian’s still have what it takes to be the best.

Portishead on MySpace

5. Nico Muhly – Mother Tongue

I first heard about Nico Muhly in the Guardian, apparently he wants to live his fantasy of going to an English boarding school so he can experience the special relationship between master and schoolboy. hmm.

Nico Muhly on MySpace

4. MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

Pure psychedelic pop. If you’re ever feeling a down, listen to this – Its bizarreness will take your mind off anything. Not only that but the rousing choruses are enough to make anyone cheer up.

MGMT on MySpace

3. Shearwater – Rook

From Austin, Texas – this album is a luscious journey through Americana – with Dulcimers, Glockenspiels, Banjos and Homemade instruments. They also have a drummer/clarinettist called Thor Harris, that looks like Thor. I shit you not.

Shearwater on MySpace

2. Dead Confederate – Wrecking Ball

I’ve talked about this album before. I could talk about how great it is again, but I suggest reading my post about this prog/grunge beast.

Dead Confederate on MySpace

1. Elbow – The Seldom Seen Kid

Maybe I can see the future. When I played this to friends I foretold it would win the Mercury award and despite being released early in 2008, would remain as the best album. Oh how they laughed. Oh how right I was.

The beauty of The Seldom Seen Kid – it feels effortless.

Elbow on MySpace

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  • Willbo

    No Department of Eagles?

    Let’s make a top 2009 (so far)

    #5 – YYY’s In blitz?

  • http://holeytonal.com rylan

    ooh, i’m going to buy that ASAP!

    heard a bit of it, but wait for my next post coming this week about Veto!

  • http://trippybeats.blogspot.com Vague

    Wow, this list is Epic. I love it. You might like my blog, I linked to the amazing Veto track you posted (heard it played in a Trentemoller set). Cheers.