Worry About Song of the Year Already

Ok. Maybe premature. A month into 2009 and I might have already found my song of the year.

Peter Bjorn and John is made up of 3 Swedes called, Peter, Bjorn and er, John. I bought their previous album, Writer’s Block (iTunes) after stumbling on the track featured in this post. It’s a lot more lo-fi than their new work. I’m sure you’ve heard the excellent single Young Folks from the album.

Now they’ve got over writer’s block, I’m hoping their new album, Living Thing is going to be a musical War and Peace. There’s a tracklisting at Off the Radar. Now listen to the fat beat and super pop chorus constantly like I have and see why i’m excited:

Peter Bjorn and John – Nothing To Worry About (mp3)

Living Thing is released on 31 March and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

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  • roboticapostle

    Peter, Bjorn, and John (like most of Sweden) are pop geniuses and this song does nothing but cement this fact. Thanks for posting this song you have me officially hyped up for their new album.