Veto Restore Faith in Danish Music

vetoDenmark is home to the worst band on the planet – Alphabeat. Maybe thats why it took me longer than usual to open Veto‘s album Crushing Digits. Damn Alphabeat.

The Copenhagen 5-piece, Veto, create electronic rock driven by massive hooks, synths, bleeps and pounding beats. With Troels Abrahamsen‘s soaring vocals lushly complimenting the textured landscapes.

I’m really going to have to listen to something else soon – I’m starting to feel sorry for the rest of my music collection.

There is so much to find on this album – every track has its moment. I especially love that despite Crushing Digits’ racy nature, Duck, Hush And Be Still, the last and most subdued track on the album, is stunning. It feels like a perfect ending.

Crushing Digits is released in the UK on 20 April and is available to pre-order on Amazon.

As I’m sure you can’t wait, have a listen to my favourite track from the album, Crooks. Its the filthy little guitar licks that do it for me:

Veto – Crooks mp3

Oh, and here’s an exclusive treat just for you:

Veto – Built To Fail (Tomboy remix) mp3

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  • stytzer

    I thought the worst band was Aqua? But since they don’t exist anymore Alphabeat is an allright pick :) I fully agree with your thoughts on Crushing Digits – excellent album!

  • rylan

    Yes – but my little brother used to dance to Barbie Girl when he was a toddler. Therefore Aqua will always have a small place in my heart. :)

  • kuba

    Um, you’re wrong dude. Alphabeat are pure pop fun while this is boring indie-schmindie stuff. The world has literally hundreds of bands like this one.

  • rylan

    ah, but they are talentless. Esser is more my idea of pure pop fun…

  • Will

    These guys are pretty cool, thanks for this post!

  • Skydykker

    I’ve been listening to this album for half a year (I’m from Denmark) and this is the best electronic rock has to offer at the moment in my opinion. Its their 2nd album and your fav. tracks is one of the slower ones where as “you say yes, I say yes” is my fav. Their debut album was equally great and it got tracks like “Can you see anything” and “I am a knife”.

    If you like this genre you should check out Spleen United as they are close to it, and they actually do concerts with Veto here in Denmark.

  • matt

    There is no way Alphabeat are the worst band on the planet, have you not heard of JLS??