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Its a wrap

Student debt sucks. I finished attempting to increase my brain capacity over four years ago and am still about as close as world peace to paying it off. To avoid paying it back I may soon take the approach of the members of DOM and remove my surname from the face of the earth.

Erik, Bobby K and front-man Dom are from Worcester, Massachussets and since forming early this year are now going on tour supporting Ratatat. No – they won’t tell us their second names.

Dom himself is quite eccentric – he’s writing a soft-core porn script, still collects food stamps and dreams of DOM being signed to ‘Lil Wayne’s label – you can learn more about him through his interview with Pitchfork.

I admire that the band is ambitious – they admit their music is developing and are keen to record in a studio to break out of their lo-fi limitations. Still, they have the strong foundations to create some great hits – I’m sure they’ll repay their debts before they know it.

Here’s the first track from their EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods and the one everyone’s downloading. Although not quite the “YMCA” pop anthem Dom was aiming for – it’s better than anything on MGMT‘s new album.

Dom – Living in America mp3

Buy Dom’s EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods on iTunes

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