EntrepeneursYately – somewhere west of London and near Sandhurst –  is the home of Adam Crisp also known as Entrepreneurs. This means Yately could soon be home to one of the greatest producers in the UK.

Last year Entrepreneurs gained some recognition with a remix of Marina and the Diamonds – but it seems what’s going to set him apart is his own astonishing music.

Entrepreneurs offers on his debut EP Uv Been Robbed (joking, but not) a glitchy industrial electronica backdrop over catchy pop melodies – delivered with distant crunched vocals not too dissimilar to Julian Casablancas.  Listen out for the great little guitar solos too.

In true entrepreneurial spirit you can buy Uv Been Robbed (joking, but not) for what you like. Although all the songs are great – Hunting Roger Rabbit is one of my favorites – with a great chorus and awesome beats. Tim over at The Blue Walrus –  where I found Entrepreneurs – loves Bubblegunk – and as he says shows some ‘great finesse’ – there are lots of elements that on paper shouldn’t mix.

You can choose which one is best by listening to all the tracks on this Sound Cloud:

Uv Been Robbed (Joking, But Not) by Entrepreneurs

Next big thing? I think so.

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