Frame the City not its Museum

Going to Seattle? Nate MoceriDon’t go to the music museum. It’s shite. Do eat seafood, rent a boat with fishing rods or take a short drive past evergreen forests for a trip to Microsoft town.

Other than the museum I struggle to come up with a reason why you wouldn’t visit Seattle – it’s lovely and also where Nate Moceri of Frame the City comes from.

Moceri now resides in Portland – and as Frame the City grafts some slick laid back electro rock. The mixture of Moceri’s distant but compelling vocals with well written songs work perfectly and keep me coming back for more.

Memories of his hometown’s rock legends are conjured up by Moceri’s voice – you can find out more about Seattle’s musical past at the Museum there. No wait – look it up on Wikipedia instead.

Frame the City released their first album Someday We Will All be the Same in Janruary 2009 and the We Were Wolves EP in February this year, you can buy both from Amazon. Katie Byron and Ashley Ennis frequently collaborate with Nate as guest vocalists and Frame the City are currently in the studio recording their next EP.

As a preview here are two tracks courtesy of Nate. We Were Wolves is one of the most gorgeous tracks I’ve heard for a long time. It’s no surprise from both of these songs that Nate has previously been on MTV’s books for songwriting and composing. Hopefully before long Frame the City will just be on MTV.

Frame the City – We Were Wolves mp3

Frame the City – Wearing Jeans to Bed mp3

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