Give Me Your Love Florrie

FlorrieI’m a huge fan of  Wired UK – but never have I expected to find decent music within the geek bible. Yet, tucked away in a corner of one of Wired’s pages, I found a snippet about a young British girl they predict will soon be storming all over our charts. Wired are famously prophetic – well with tech anyway.

Having laid drum tracks for Alesha Dixon, Girls Aloud, The Pet Shop Boys and Kylie – Florrie has decided she wants her own piece of pop super stardom.

Surprisingly the Bristolian singer is still unsigned – but I doubt the record industry will allow that to remain the same for long – especially with the release of her latest and strongest track Give Me Your Love.

For Florrie’s first two releases Call 911 and Panic Attack she has worked closely with house DJ and producer Fred Falke – and with Give Me Your Love she has continued this partnership.

Her first two tracks have gone far more down the house route, but with Give Me Your Love you can tell she’s put a lot of love into the drums and seems to have steered towards a stronger pop.

You can get all her tracks plus their remixes for free from Florrie’s website but you can also listen to her latest here:

Florrie – Give Me Your Love mp3

Florrie is extremely talented. If she sticks to her drumsticks and Fred Falke and gets signed to a good record company that treats her as a musician – she’ll rasp the crown off the tyrant GaGa and become the rightful queen of pop.

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