Give Up the Ghost – New Radiohead Song Live Video

Thom YorkeThom Yorke performed  Give up the Ghost at the Big Chill Festival during his 12 song solo set. Although he has been performing it since around February – it was only after singing this last weekend that he revealed it was in fact a new Radiohead song.

Despite murmurs from the Oxford group that after In Rainbows they wouldn’t be releasing a full LP again – according to Ed O’Brien they are in fact close to finishing off their 8th album. Just as Michael Jackson used to create a media storm with a  new record release – a new album from Radiohead will surely be broadcast on news bulletins worldwide, especially after the coverage In Rainbows received.

Here is Thom in all his new beardy glory performing Give Up the Ghost. Quite a tasteful use of the looper – although nearly everything Thom Yorke comes up with is tasteful in my opinion.

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