iamamiwhoamiMusic videos rarely move my juices. What I do know is that Lady Gaga‘s Telephone is not nearly as annoying as Alejandro. The videos and the music. I also know that the new IAMAMIWHOAMI music video has put anything that poker faced bandwagon has churned out to shame.

What’s better? I’d say the:

  • music
  • cinematography
  • bizarreness
  • costumes
  • beauty
  • absence of Lady Gaga

I had no knowledge of IAMAMIWHOAMI, in fact looking around I don’t think many other people do. Well it’s all thanks to Bigstereo I found this. I’m speechless too. Apart from when I spent 5 minutes figuring out how to say IAMAMIWHOAMI.

This is the stunning music video to IAMAMIWHOAMI‘s single Y:

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  • http://holeytonal.com Rylan

    Looks like more info on IAMAMIWHOAMI at The Round Table