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Talented and suave Mark Ronson may be  – but subterranean sea deposits can flaunt more charisma than him. Or maybe it was just his way of dealing with another of those irritating as fuck Channel 4 presenters.

At least during the most boring interview drawn out on celluloid they managed to play Bang Bang Bang – his latest single with an awesome music video. It’s fantastic and made even better with vocals from the talented – MNDR. What a find – Ronson may be dull – but he does know his Michael Jacksons from his Leon Jacksons.

MNDR is actually a duo of singer/song writer Amanda Warner and producer Peter Wade. Amanda’s journey matches the changing geography of music in the US moving from California to New York (Brooklyn of course) to propel her music career. She soon met Wade and within a year was supporting Massive Attack and The Shins – and not to mention lending a hand on Mark Ronson’s single.

Amanda is well known for programming beats and recently put together the touring keyboard rig for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Most importantly though Amanda has a great and scarcely found voice that cuts through synths like a knife.

Watch out for MNDR and her massive glasses – you’ll see them everywhere soon.

Here is the synth laden single which also features on their EP:

MNDR – C.L.U.B. mp3

Buy the MNDR E.P.E from iTunes

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