Breakfast in Fur

Breakfast in Fur

Breakfast in FurThe creative juices can flow at the worst times – I’ve irked many a neighbour at 3 in the morning perfecting a few bars of music. Maybe it’s the rush of adrenaline from the fear that an irate pyjama clad person may knock on my door and shoot my face off that can make late night music-making so effective.

Exquisite experimental folk poppers Breakfast in Fur from New Paltz, NY began life in the small hours of Dan Wolfe’s bedroom. It seems he never had any knocks on the door.

His initial recording project led to the release of a debut EP in 2009 and Breakfast in Fur now comprise 6 members – garnering attention from their live shows in local cafes and Brooklyn bars. The whole band are currently recording together for their LP The Feel – due to be released in spring 2011.

Whilst we wait for that – here are two highlights from Breakfast in Fur‘s EP. I Don’t Care is a jangly catchy pop number with impressive rhythmical layers whilst maintaining a lo-fi aesthetic – especially with the laid-back vocals. With a hint of tropicana High Hopes is another great track to smile away to.

Breakfast in Fur – I Don’t Care (mp3)

Breakfast in Fur – High Hopes (mp3)

You can download the full EP for free from bandcamp.

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