Dallas Frasca Will Probably Like You Better than Me

Dallas FrascaAustralia is one of the most American countries I’ve ever been to. Ozzies don’t seem shy to admit it though unlike their fellow commonwealth partners in crime Canada. Maybe distance can make the heart grow fonder.

So with it’s big gridded cities and vast open spaces comes big gritty rock and vast vicious voices like Dallas Frasca‘s. She’s already a critical and chart success in Australia, landing the coveted Music Oz Artist of the Year and also won Blues and Roots Song of the Year. Yes – Dallas is old school, and the kind of school you’d move home for so your kids become awesome.

We may not know much about Dallas Frasca in the UK – but I’m sure she’s getting past the earth’s core with that tunnel she’s digging herself – and will pop up here before we know it.

Of all the things I could have done in Australia is have a Civil Partnership, although it had to be at the British Consulate – the government down under regrettably still forbid civil unions. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me if ¬†Australia’s gay bars are full of men ironically singing along to her single I Like it Better When Your Straight (sorry Terry Jones, this song isn’t actually about sexual re-orientation). Gayness aside – I love this song, simple rootsy rock – propelled by Dallas’s rough and deep vocals. Hear for yourself on the video:

Sadly Dallas’ album Not for Love or Money is hard to come by in the UK, but in the meantime you can download Til The End I’ll Walk Proudly courtesy of Dallas herself¬†for free from holeytonal

Dallas Frasca – Til The End I’ll Walk Proudly MP3

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