Baiana System – Jah Jah Revolta – Song for the Weekend

Baiana System – Jah Jah Revolta – Song for the Weekend

Baiana SystemI love Twitter. No, not because you end up reading lots of little sentences about people’s unfulfilled lives. It’s because you can find music which you would not otherwise have ever found before.

So I was delighted to hear through a Guardian Music Tweet about the Musical Alliance Pact (MAP) which is being run by The Pop Cop. Then through MAP I was even more delighted to find this tune from Brazil.

Baiana System are from the state of Bahia, the home of Axé music. Their main aim is to promote the Bahian Guitar – a Brazilian electric guitar from the 1940s. With their album Garimpo Musica, they’ve taken the instrument and their sound to a whole new level – fusing dub, heavy guitar licks and Brazilian beats.

This edition of Song for the Weekend comes all the way from Brazil. It’s kind of like Sanatana but with a big spoon of amazing:

Baiana System – Jah Jah Revolta (mp3)

Originally from Meio Desligado – shame I can’t read Portuguese cause it looks like an awesome blog.

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  • dan d

    Garimpo is actually the name of the record label that released this CD. the record is actually self-titled…