Dusty Brown – This City is Killing Me

Dusty Brown – This City is Killing Me

Dusty BrownI’m nearly 10 years too late to be excited about Dusty Brown, but I won’t let that stop me. 

Dusty Brown are a Sacramento based family trio made up of Zac, Jessica and of course Dusty Brown himself. Their live shows, begun some 10 years ago, have already brought them local music awards in Sacramento. I’m sure their electro folk pop will be winning internationally soon too.

In June they released their EP This City is Killing Me for free after Dusty got fed up of it sitting on his computer.

Here are my highlights from the EP, Back to Black is especially beautiful with soaring portishead like vocals and vivid scoring. This City is Killing Me is a haunting instrumental – the kind of track CSI would pick up to make shaking test tubes look sexy. I think that’s a good thing.

Dusty Brown – Back to Black (mp3)

Dusty Brown – This City is Killing Me (mp3)

You can download the This is Killing Me EP free from Dusty Brown’s website.

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