Galapaghost – Neptune – Song for the Weekend

Galapaghost – Neptune – Song for the Weekend

GalapaghostTo us naive Brits (well me at least) Austin Texas is a magical land of tumbleweed, cowboy boots, and of course the not so magical country music. My rodeo view of Austin is gradually being skewered though, especially knowing one of my favourite bands, the folksters Shearwater, come from there.

Along the same folky vain is fellow Austin dweller Galapaghost – the work of singer songwriting producer Casey Chandler.

With crunchy flanged guitars and ukulele strums there are touches of fellow solo artist Liam Finn, whilst his falsetto vocals soar like those on Shearwater songs.

This autumnal Song for the Weekend is the lead single from Galapaghost‘s latest EP – Neptune. The sci-fi intro probably does take this more into the realms of indie, but you can still hear great folky undertones, even in the synths.

Neptune by Galapaghost

You can hear more of Galapaghost on SoundCloud and you can buy his Neptunes EP on Amazon

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