Red Headz Mash Up of Wolfgang Gartner & 3OH!3

Red Headz Mash Up of Wolfgang Gartner & 3OH!3

Red HeadzCame across this Red Headz mash up of Wolfgang Gartner’s mash up of Beethoven’s 5th symphony and 3OH!3s First Kiss featuring Ke$ha. If you understood all that I’ll give you a medal.

You all know I hate classical crossover – so fear not, I’m not going to submit you to such aural torture with this track. Also it’s a a step up from the mash up of Chuck Berry’s song Roll Over Beethoven by the E.L.O. – possibly the last memorable occasion Beethoven’s beloved symphony was massacred by pop music in a remotely listenable way.

Wolfgang Gartner & 3oh3 Feat. Kesha_Kiss Symphony(Red Headz Mash Up) by Red Headz

If you have spotify you can listen to the originals:

Wolfgang Gartner – Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony – Radio Edit (spotify)

3OH!3 – My First Kiss – Feat. Ke$ha (spotify)

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