Escort – Cocaine Blues

Escort – Cocaine Blues

EscortDisco should be a part of every human upbringing, solid old school disco. Funky beats and slick strings have been hidden from our youth for too long.

Fear not, Escort are about to change that. Although parents may not want kids shuffling along to songs about narcotics – no wait – hip-hop already teaches how to cut lines and shoot guns – so this’ll be like reading kids Winnie the Pooh compared to making them listen to 50-Cent.

Aside from Cocaine Blues’ controversial subject matter, Escort‘s latest release is the kind of tune I want as the backing tracking to scaring people whilst I bust my moves.

What’s even better is that Escort isn’t just some bedroom producing nostalgic DJ – they’re in fact a 19 piece band from Brooklyn. This is what I want at my party!

Escort – Cocaine Blues (mp3)

You can buy music by Escort on iTunes

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