Silvermoths – Superhero

Silvermoths – Superhero

SilvermothsTime for some shameless self-promotion. Well sort of.

I play cello in a folk/pop group called Silvermoths. I’ve been making music with lead singer and co-writer Emma Churchley along with guitarist Kaziu Gill for around 5 years now – and it just keeps getting better. Silvermoths started around a year ago, with my colleague Kate Whitaker on percussion and we’re starting to get some attention around London.

I’ve also just heard that we may be appearing at a festival this summer – I’ll tell all when I find out more.

I wouldn’t share this with everyone if I thought it wasn’t worth your time. In fact I don’t even play on the title track to the single Superhero – a really stunning song. I am on our cover of Kate Bush’s Army Dreamers though, plucking away on the cello-come-bass and putting some backing vocals down.

Hope you like them.

Superhero by Silvermoths

Army Dreamers by Silvermoths

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