Tristen – Eager for your Love

Tristen – Eager for your Love

TristenBy no means planned, here is my second Americana post of the week. Maybe it’s my own personal way of trying to stave off the apparent brit-pop revival that’s around the corner. Please, don’t let it happen.

With a slightly more conservative approach compared to Jessica Lea Mayefield, my last country adventure – Chicago born Tristen, now based in Nashville, writes with great maturity and melodic expertise. Her songs’ ever so slightly off kilter phrases grab your attention and keep you coming back for more.

Tristen, signed to indie label, American Myth Recordings, is scheduled to release an album, Charlatans At The Garden Gate on 1 February 2011. Last October Tristen released Eager For Your Love – a superb song with a fantastic chorus that the little voice in my head can’t stop singing. Here it is so your little voice can join in the chrous too:

Tristen – Eager For Your Love by AmericanMythRecordings

You can download the Eager for Your Love along with two other tracks for the price of your email address

Follow Tristen on Twitter. Oh, and follow me too.

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