Figure – The Werewolf Dubstep Mix

Figure – The Werewolf Dubstep Mix


The adrenaline hit from watching horror films is not something I enjoy. Why spend a couple of hours stressing out. So do I like horror techno bassline dubstep tracks? Turns out I do.

Figure, a.k.a. Josh Gard, from somewhere in the Midwest, USA is terrorising my Friday afternoon. Massive dub tracks all about Zombies and Werewolves. I’d love to hear this in a massive club. At my desk trying to work I think I’m missing out on some of the ambience.

You can find a ton of his scary beats at Figure’s SoundCloud page.

Here is one of his latest tracks which can download for free as well. It’s proper hectic dubstep with a fantastic Shostakovitch style violin solo to open.

By the sounds of it I reckon Figure could mix the music from Bambi into something so hectic, even Jason Statham wouldn’t be able to keep up with it.

Figure – The Werewolf (Dubstep Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD! by Figure

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  • Sylone

    Please please tell me how i can accomplish getting in touch with this guy. Ive looked him up on fb and practically noone knows about Figure, in Alabama at least. I would LOVE to see him live in fact i have many ideas on his stage set up not that my opinion matters. lol Love his music thanks for the info :)