Fishing – OOOO

Fishing – OOOO

Fishing au naturalleA few (hundred) miles away from Melbourne, the home town of one of the greatest sample based bands in the world, The Avalanches, comes a new contender to their rarely contested throne.

Fishing is the experimental electronic pop duo Russell Fitzgibbon and Doug Wright from Sydney. Like the Avalanches they make big beaty tunes that turn your frowns upside down.

Their current single OOOO is a testament to their sunshine sound, and despite being full to the brim with ideas, samples and melodies, it all manages to merge into a happy and harmonious cacophony.

You can buy the LP and get a bonus EP with it. In the meantime have a listen to the OOOO and the b-side from the LP, Pee Green Bote, and give yourself a smile.


Pee Green Bote by FISHING

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