How Did I Miss This? Dan Black – Gorecki Fix Up My Girlfriend Some More

How Did I Miss This? Dan Black – Gorecki Fix Up My Girlfriend Some More

Dan BlackI love Dan Black. Out of all the male electro pretenders that came out over the last few years, errr… namely him and Frankmusik, Dan Black puts them all to shame.

There’s something about his orchestral electro wonderment that I adore. It’s music that I listen to and can make me think, “this is why I love music”.

So I’m shocked and appalled with myself for managing to miss this gem I just shuffled upon. Gorecki Fix Up My Girlfriend Some More comes from Dan Black’s mix tape Weird Science released last year.

You can tell the renowned Polish composer Henryk Gorecki, who died in November last year, must be a big influence over Dan Black, with his use of minimal strings and choir to create lush landscapes. So in homage to the composer he mixed some of his music up with Busta Rhyme’s Gimmie Some More. Well he sort of mixed it, I’d call it something like, created an amazing track in which he took bits of both and made it his own:

Dan Black – Go Reck I Fix Up My Girlfriend by DigitalShellShock

In other news, as far as I can glean from his Twitter, it looks Dan Black is currently making a new album. I can’t wait already.

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  • jez

    check out Hybrid – Wide Angle for more stunning orchestral electro. But yes, Dan Black is great, fab CD, cant wait for new stuff, this year maybe???

  • Clansterhamster

    i cant find it to download anywhererererererere NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooOOOOOooo