The Van Doos – Is This The One

The Van Doos – Is This The One

The Van DoosWhere have all the guitars gone? Not very far apparently.

British rock has taken a slump recently, there’s nothing new getting too far, but lets hope that changes. We’re due a new pop rock band soon. Actually what was the last great pop rock band? Arctic Monkeys I guess.

The Van Doos are a London based group and one of the rare breed that are not stuck in the gradually grating dickhead East London vibe. Maybe it’s cause one of the members is from York, like me. Don’t worry though, they don’t sound much like the only musical greatness from York since the medieval ages, Shed Seven.

Well they’re very new, so their isn’t much out there about them at the moment, so I’d say the best way to get to know their music is to listen to their new release, Is This The One, which I’m addicted to already:

The Vand Doos – Is This The One (mp3)

Download Is This The One for the price of your email address

Their first track, another great pop rock number Tenterhooks, is on soundcloud – oh and here it is:

The Van Doos – Tenterhooks by The Van Doos

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