Today many of you will have heard the sad news of the passing of Gil Scott-Heron. I’m not going to write an obituary for him here, but I thought a good way to honour him would be to introduce you to a potential new hip-hop star that may be the man to take his mantle.

The musician come graphic designer from Ipswich, Dels (born Kieren Dickins), is in a three album deal with Big Dada and can proudly include Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard amongst his fans. He is, like Gil Scott-Heron, a real innovator. Dels is a musician who happens to rap.

Dels’ first album GOB, is an experimental explosion of synths, beats and rhyme. ‘I am the architect of my thoughts where unicorn shit glitter are welcome aboard‘ is declaimed within the first 30 seconds of the record which pretty much somes up the rest of it. At the moment, GOB is leading my album of the year list – and would recommend listening to it now to really understand what Dels is all about.

You can find out more about him in his interview on my favourite podcast: Guardian Music Weekly. Here is one of the singles from the album, Trumpalump which features none other than Joe Goddard. Listen and you can see why he wanted to work with Dels and why I’m writhing with excitement every time I put this record on:

Trumpalump Featuring Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) by DELS

You can buy Gob on Amazon and follow Dels on Twitter.

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