My second Ninja Tunes related post in 2 days. Dels yesterday, Eskmo today. I may not be the first to bring you these two artists, but with so much music out there you can really struggle to stumble across music that makes you itch with glee.

Brendan Angelides more commonly known now as Eskmo is an electronic experimental producer and recording artist based in San Fransico.

I’m sure that Entrepreneurs has taken a ton of inspiration from Eskmo. His bleeptastic hip hop soundscapes are impressive monuments created with grit and dirt. There’s so much going on, and it all comes together in some kind of harmonic thrust propelling you back 100 yards.

As I’m at a stag do I’m going to miss 4 June’s gig with Eskmo and Dels at Village Underground in Shoreditch. This makes me well up inside, but I’m sure by the time I’m at karaoke singing Stand By Me I’ll be drunk enough to forget all about it.

Here are a couple of tracks from his self-titled album Eskmo:

Eskmo: Moving Glowstream (Ninja Tune 2010) by Eskmo

Eskmo: Color Dropping (Ninja Tune, 2010) by Eskmo

You can buy Eskmo on Amazon and follow Eskmo on Twitter

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