The Foreign Films – Lucky Streak

The Foreign Films – Lucky Streak

What was your foreign film fetish? I got lost for a while in the bizarre world of Japan’s Takeshi Kitano, where 20 minute periods of nothingness would be interspersed by short scenes of mind numbingly insane violence.

I wouldn’t say that Bill Majoros, otherwise known as The Foreign Films, is anything like Kitano, or Japanese films, but his music would can certainly fill my time like Kitano did.

Marjoros’ former band Flux A.D. included Julie Fader (Feist, Great Lake Swimmers) and Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck) and has toured much of North America in various guises. Now he’s montaging all his experiences and sounds into a new soundtrack of his life as The Foreign Films.

Out of Marjoros’ songwriting skills and crunchy compressed vocals comes forth a mix of jangly 60’s guitars, 80’s new wave and soul bass riffs. It’s a refreshingly infectious summery feeling that will hopefully take him as far as the land of the setting sun.

He recently released the EP Fire From Spark which features appearances from Kori Pop and Alex McMaster (Arcade Fire). Courtesy of Bill, here is my highlight from the release, Lucky Streak, a catchy number which oozes class, so much so that it wouldn’t go amiss on a James Bond soundtrack…

The Foreign Films – Lucky Streak (mp3)

You can buy Fire From Spark from Bandcamp and follow The Foreign Films on Twitter

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