Binko Swink – Patient

Binko Swink – Patient

Binko SwinkMy slightly crazy Vietnamese grandma partakes in an arcane ritual when her gold fish die. She pulls their corpses out of the tank, cries a little bit about the loss of Thieu or Pham then slaps them around a bit to check they’re really gone. She then emotionally drops them down the food shredder in the kitchen sink for their final send off.

Well that is my relationship with pet fish.

Naming your band, like Binko Swink have done, after your pet fish might be a better way to remember your little scaly friends.

Lyla Foy and Dan Bell have made music under many various guises, more recently as Oldwick, who I came to know a couple of years ago after playing at a gig with them at the Half Moon in Putney. When I saw them again this year with a new lineup, style and songs as Binko Swink, I was amazed at how much more I loved their music.

With accomplished song-writing, serene and charmingly nonchalant lead vocals from Lyla as well as some perfectly judged lead guitar solos from Dan their music has taken a drastic leap forward. I’m excited for them.

Their first single Patient, is an intricate mid-tempo pop number which focuses perfectly on the song and the intimate vocals. It’s refreshing for a record made at home not to try and use every filter and button they can in their pro-tools rig. You don’t need to try and hide your music in layers all the time.

Patient by Binko Swink

Here’s the video:

Patient is being released by Adventure Club Records on 12 September 2011 – they’re having a single launch party on Battersea Barge.

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