Hi Fashion. Simply Amazing.

Hi Fashion. Simply Amazing.

If only Hi Fashion were from London, I’d be able to see them live and dance like a chic freak. Alas, they’re based in L.A. – so I’ll have to try my best to make them famous and get them here.

They deserve to be famous, in fact Jen DM would probably kill me if I said her and bandmate Rick Gradone were anything but famous. So yes, they’re famous, and I want to lick them. At the same time.

I love how, according to meets obsession they:

 “first met at a gay bar where Gradone flirted with DM, thinking she was a man. Despite this mishap, the two became fast friends and eventually forged their band”

Now that is a fairytale beginning to creating some of the catchiest pop funk electro tunes you’d ever want to hear. Their music captures the grimey side of New York’s fashion and gay scenes – throwing it in your avant garde face with whit, beats and fat bass lines. Their hooks will keep coming back and you’ll be begging every DJ you know to play their tracks. Well I will be anyway.

Let’s hope they can get over here sometime, especially looking at some of their YouTube videos. If you’re in L.A. go see them now.

Below are two of my favourites from their Sprechen Sie Hi Fashion EP. I’m not Madonna is probably the funniest song I’ve heard and it’s still full of great chorus lines, just like Amazing is. Jen DM’s nonchalant delivery is infectious, in fact I can see why Gradone got confused. She may as well be a gay man.

Oh and one more thing, thanks to my husband Scott for finding them, he needs praise sometimes.

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