Laura Mvula – Like the Morning Dew

Laura Mvula – Like the Morning Dew

Yes, she’s been nominated for the BBC’s Sound of 2013, and is likely to win. Yes, everyone is talking about her. Yes, she was interviewed in the Evening Standard. Yes, hype is following her like a parasite.

But, no – I don’t care. I love her music.

Classically trained Laura Mvula is one talented girl. Not only do her songs and their arrangements stun, but her voice is like a caressing snuggle.

Her EP She, is a promising preview into her talents and she’s got a full album called Sing to the Moon slated for a 4 March 2013 release.

Like the Morning Dew stands out for me, the a capella harmonies draw you into her experimental but approachable world where you can keep finding new treasures:

Here is the video for She, the title track of her EP, I prefer Like the Morning Dew, but there’s still plenty here to know that Laura Mvula is going to be a force for good.

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