Autoheart – Lent

Autoheart – Lent

If I was Christian there’s one thing I would never give up in memory of Jesus’ sacrifice. Music. Is it even possible to do that?

London indie poppers Authoheart release their new single Lent, well, right in the middle of Lent on 11 February. Thankfully if you do decide to show penitence by suffering a 40 day music fast, then you’re in luck – they’ve released the video first.

It’s a refreshing upbeat track that’s catchy and chock-a-block full of great hooks. Jody Gadsen‘s vocals may evoke a Everything Everything‘s Jonathan Higgs speedily slick lyrical delivery, but  Gadsen stands apart with a folky flair you might hear on a Tracy Chapman classic. You get a good dose of folk on their older yet lovely Sailor Song.

I’m sure Lent will be swooped up by music bloggers, it’s already Tune of the Day at Alt Sounds – I’m certain they’ll be around for longer than a day.

Autoheart will release their first album Punch in April – it’s going to be pleasant, and special.

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