Haim – Don’t Save Me

Haim – Don’t Save Me

You’ve probably heard it all before, in fact you probably mention them every third sentence at home. They came top of BBC’s sound of 2013, they’re all over The Guardian and their wikipedia entry is as long as most MPs.

Haim, the quirky sisters-three from LA, promise to ride the hype with their Fleetwood Mac inspired pop and become a rip-roaring smash. The charts need them, badly.

I tried my best to avoid riding the Haim train only to realise I should have got on a few stops earlier. Don’t Save Me is one of the best songs I’ve heard in the last 12 months. It’s a perfectly written sing-a-long pop song. You can dance, you can cry or you can sit back and enjoy.

Here it is on SoundCloud

And the video…

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