On An On

On An On

Perfection is boring, and scary. Take Doctor Manhattan from the graphic novel masterpiece The Watchmen: the ultimate being. He had the ability to do anything he wanted. He would always win, and that made him both scary and boring. In stark contrast the rest of the naturally able ensemble were flawed humans, struggling with internal demons and unpredictable relationships. Imperfection won in the end, and it was interesting.

The Hunter captured my attention because On An On have captured grit on this electro indie piece. There’s clipping on the cymbals and the vocals are slightly distorted, but the songwriting is powerful, and full of character.

Ghosts, the previous single from the Chicago/Minneapolis band’s debut album Give In (release on 04/03/2013 in Europe), is another brilliant electro indie number painted in a reverbed melancholia.

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